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An addition to your office

Helping you understand others better

Tackling with patients can be a hard task for clinicians and medical practitioners, especially if patients are shy and anxious. Some patients feel more shy and anxious compared to others and their emotions can easily be misinterpreted. 

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Who are we?

Who is Jalees?

People who face challenges in expressing themselves, regardless of the reason, share a common desire to communicate like anyone else. However, when taken out of their comfort zone, many individuals, like the rest of us, may experience anxiety.
When seeking help from a specialist, it can be difficult for both individuals struggling to convey their emotions and clinicians trying to understand them. This communication barrier may lead to challenges in effectively addressing specific issues.
Jalees is an embodied personal companion designed to assist clinicians in understanding and interpreting the emotions that individuals, irrespective of their communication difficulties, are trying to express.

Contemporary Designs

Discrete yet functions loudly

Sleek device designed to seamlessly integrate into the clinician's workspace while maintaining a modern and contemporary aesthetic. These stand still table top robots are crafted with clean lines, a minimalist form factor, and a neutral color palette to ensure it complements any professional environment. The device sits unobtrusively on the table, allowing clinicians to interact with a cutting-edge interface that provides comprehensive insights, all while remaining virtually unnoticed by the patient.
The front-facing interface is designed with a user-friendly experience for clinicians. It promotes an uncluttered and focused atmosphere during patient interactions.
The subdued design and noiseless operation contributes to a calming environment, fostering open communication without any patient awareness of the device's use.
Incorporating the latest in AI and communication technology, this Screen Chassis empowers clinicians to interpret and respond to patient emotions with precision. The sleek design not only enhances the professional setting but also prioritizes the privacy and comfort of the patient, creating a seamless blend of cutting-edge functionality and aesthetic subtlety.

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